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Work on Aqua began in July of 2009 and was completed in August of the same year. Ever since I re-discovered my interest in the Pokémon series after buying Diamond, I had thoughts about making a small dedication to my favorite Pokémon. I chose the name "Aqua" for a couple rather boring reasons; it had to do with water, it was pretty sounding, and it looked nice on the layout :P. I decided to focus on the main game series since I haven't regularly watched the cartoon or played the TCG since I was 12, and the only spin-offs I've played are the first Pokémon Pinball, Pokémon Snap, and that horrible TCG game for the Gameboy Color. I did read Pokémon Special recently but there's not much Vaporeon in it. But anyway! This layout was made in Paint Shop Pro 8 and the fonts used came from dafont. Textures used on this layout came from Lost & Taken and Tiger's Stock. Most other images and sprites came from Bulbapedia and Legendary Pokémon. Some tidbits came from Gamefaqs.
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