the reason

I think I first saw Vaporeon in an episode of the cartoon, which I used to watch every day after I came home from school in 6th grade. It was called, "The Battling Eevee Brothers," I think, and featured the original three Eeveelutions and some dumb kid who didn't want to evolve his Eevee. I remember thinking that Vaporeon was adorable and had an awesome design, and it could melt into water omg so why didn't that lame kid evolve his Eevee into Vaporeon?! Loser.

I got the Yellow version for Christmas that year, and my Eevee had to become a Vaporeon, no questions asked. I remember back in the days of R/B/Y everyone argued over what to evolve Eevee into, since these were the days before breeding. I was always a proponent of Vaporeon, naturally. I raised mine in Yellow well past level 90, until my game was wiped one day. RIP Bubbles the Vaporeon, with the awesome moveset of something like Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Surf, and Hydro Pump ♥. I also totally had pictures I printed out of Vaporeon pinned to my walls in middle school. Obviously I was the coolest kid. And while that was over ten years ago now and I don't obsess over Pokémon anymore, I still love Vaporeon. It has a cute and unique design, not to mention it totally kicks ass in battle, especially when it gained the ability Water Absorb. And I've always been partial to sea creatures, stemming from an interest in marine biology ever since I was a kid.

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