run down the waterfall

Hello and welcome to Aqua, a teeny tiny tribute to my favorite Pokémon, Vaporeon! Number 134 has been my favorite Pokémon for over a decade now (which is... sort of scary now that I think about it) so in the summer of 2009 I finally decided that I'd create a long overdue dedication to it.
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This little site was originally completed as a part of Amassment's One Page Shrine Marathon, but has since been expanded into a larger, multi-page site. I've mostly focused on Vaporeon's appearance in the main game series for the Gameboy/DS, but I'll make mention of the anime, TCG, manga, and other spin-offs on occasion. Aqua is also thrilled to be the home of the Fanlistings and Anime Fanlistings approved fanlisting for Vaporeon! So if you're interested in becoming a member, head over here! You know you want to :3.

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